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May 13, 2009

Yo Ho Ho Ho, A renter's life for me!

May 13. Day 317.

I have mice in my attic. This was confirmed by three independent sources: my right ear, my left ear, and Corky's Pest Control.

The friendly exterminator worked his magic last week, but when he returned this week, he said there wasn't much progress. A likely cause: the ceiling of this old house, built in 1930, has open vents. Meaning the critters can come and go as they please. Now, I'm all for tenancy at will. Between consenting adults. Mice, not so much.

I called my property manger.

"Hey, it's La Roxy. How's it going?"

"Good, what can I do for you?"

"Well, the gentleman from Corky's came by today and he made a suggestion -- to keep mice out, he said it would be smart to install some screens over the vents in the roof. Would that be possible, maybe when you fix the roof?" (He informed me a few weeks ago they're planning some work on he roof. I'm not sure what it's for, but thanks for the heads up!)

"What would be the point of the screens?"

"That would keep out the mice. Apparently, the vents are open, letting the animals crawl in or out. It would be more bang for your buck, since this way even if you pay for pest control, they can keep coming back. Nothing urgent, but maybe something you'd like to look into, or discuss with my landlord."

"I'll send someone to take care of it immediately. My top priority is caring for your home."


I asked Mr. A, in a separate conversation, why anyone would want to own a home. Especially people who might move more than, say, once a lifetime.

"Broken screen? They fix it. Roots damaged the driveway? They fix it. Water leak? They fix it. I love this system!" I exclaimed.

"You're also paying for it," he responded.

I guess so. I just hope that isn't reflected in January, when it's time to renew the lease...

Gained: peace of mind -- and satisfaction that I'm using what I'm paying for
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