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May 19, 2009

Are you a VIP?

May 18. Day 323.

Had lunch today with a friend who's a pop music critic. Before I dropped him back off at his office, he asked me if I ever buy VIP tickets to concerts, or if I know anyone who does.

You know, he continued, pay a few hundred bucks and meet the singer, hang out backstage or at the reception beforehand, enjoy all you can eat sushi.

I explained that I don't enjoy sushi and have consequently abstained from such VIP experiences.

Ok, not really. More like I don't have $500 to shell out for any tickets save the aerial kind.

As we said bye, I promised I'd ask around. Help a friend and complete today's Asker task? Ideal.

So I texted a few friends:

"have you ever bought VIP tix to a concert? Ie the whole package--great seats, food, meet the singer, etc? x, rox"

And the answers came beeping back:


"um, no..... why?"


"No..Is it amazing?"

"No never meet the singer, how does that work? What concert are u considering?"


What about you? Have you? Want to be featured in an article? If so, drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with him!

Gained: Nothing yet... Still trying!
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