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May 16, 2009

My fight for freedom of choice

May 16. Day 320.

I was having brunch at Bleu Boheme, a bistro I've never visited before which caught my eye about a year ago. At last, I was sitting in its lovely dining room.

I zeroed in on a bread basket, which comes with either two baguettes or two toasted croissants, fluffy butter, a mix of jams, and coffee, for $7.50.

Before ordering, I inquired if it would be possible to get one of each (one baguette and one croissant), instead of two of one.

The reply was no.

I looked at my dining companion, a friend visiting from New York with her adorable new baby. She was looking at me, expectantly. What was I waiting for?

I turned back to the waitress.

"Is there any way you could let me try both? Pleeease?"

She thought about it, thougt about it some more, and then agreed.


Gained: variety
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