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May 30, 2009

About UP

May 30. Day 334.

The goal of this project is to ask adventurously, boldly, ambitiously -- and daily.

Above all, to ask for things or opportunities I wouldn't have before, or in ways or situations I wouldn't have attempted before.

Today was not one of those days.

I could consle myself by saying that there can't be highs without lows, but why believe that when every new high could be converted into the next low?

I could remind myself that you can't do it all, and a daily post is the best I can do today, askerly ambition be damned. But then I remember all those other people with quotidien rituals -- priests, athletes, and my blogging cohorts -- who don't slack off.

I could, finally, cut myself some slack because who doesn't need a day off, even from her obsession?

But I will do none of those things. Instead, I'll chalk it up to one thing alone: livin' la dolce vita!! Why stress or strategize when I can instead relax and socialize?

So today, amici, I asked two movie theaters if they have any seats left for "UP." One didn't, one did. And then, I saw a movie. Finished the night off at a wine lounge with some friends, and asked, there too, if the delicious wine they ordered was from California or Australia. (Australia!)

Gained: a night off.

PS: the next post will be a day or so late... And I promise it will be good. Not just good. Goodissimo. Wink wink.

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