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May 21, 2009

top secret auto mechanic ninja interrogation techniques

May 21. Day 325.

Today, I asked for something involving Mr. A's car, which was with a mechanic for two days.

I started typing it here -- the set up, the dialogue -- but it was really uninteresting. Basically: I confirmed that the mechanic did what he was supposed to, against evidence that he was being sneaky. The only reason it's Asker-worthy is because Mr. A offered to call and take them to task, in case I wasn't comfortable doing so.

"No, don't, this is perfect for my blog: asking for accountability, being confident, standing up for myself if someone is taking advantage of me."

After I interrogated the mechanic (ok, inquired firmly -- no waterboarding involved) about what he did to the car and why his assistant told us something inconsistent, he looked me in the eye and said he did the job, and explained why it only seemed he was being sketchy. And that's that.

Gained: nothing but his assurance. On a test drive, though, the car works fine. I just hope it gets us to Tahoe and back.
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