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May 04, 2009

Sunny side of the... patio

May 4. Day 308.

All right, people. Here we go. It's Saturday night, May 9, almost midnight as I write this. And after weeks of updating days after the fact, enough.

So with this laptop as my witness, I promise to finish the night up to date. (Or fall asleep trying.)

Blog or bust.



Monday, my college friend Eau arrived for a visit. She'll be here till Friday. For days we tried to come up with a name for her, since people who get featured in this blog knowingly get a pseudonym, if they so choose. (The rest get stuck with exciting titles like "the rug saleslady" or "the police officer riding a segway." Such are the perils and joys of semi-anonymous blogging.) We had so many ideas for her, I've actually forgotten them all. So I hereby dub her Eau, for she is, like water itself, life giving. No, she hasn't had many babies or worked as a hamster breeder. But she tends to spread joy and energy all around her. I think that counts.

I picked her up from the airport, and true friend of mine that she was, she instantly had food on the mind. Before dropping off her bags at my house, we went to Parkhouse Eatery, a former antique shop that now serves "grub." So says its menu.

We nabbed a table in the shade, since after days of May gray, the sun has finally come out in San Diego.

She ordered a salad. I, the club sandwich.

We chatted. We giggled. We laughed. We probably annoyed the man sitting next to us (and the only other person on the patio), since when Eau and I get together, there's nary a second of silence.

Eventually, I started feeling a little chilly, and I noticed her hugging her arms.

Could it be? Were we both cold? And were we both keeping quiet, lest the other one prefer the shade?

"Are you cold?" I finally asked. "Want to switch tables?"


Gained: a spot in the sun.
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