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May 18, 2009

Can we go organic?

May 18. Day 322.

Last night, I watched a documentary that has radically changed my vision of things.

It's called "The Future of Food," and the name says it all: What will we be eating in 5 and 20 years?

The movie has a definite slant, but if even half of what it says is true, that truth is troubling.

The story focuses on a company called Monsanto, which has been bullying farmers to use its genetically motified seeds. As a business practice, that's just dirty. Ecoli dirty. And from a health perspective, I get the feeling we're the guinea pigs in their grand experiment.

You can watch it free on Hulu. Click here.

Today, I asked Mr. A if we could start eating more organic. Not all the time, since that would be expensive, but at least more than we are now.

I thought he might say I'm being dramatic or picky, or tease me that I'm easily seduced by propaganda. Since I really did go from "organic, cool, whatever, sounds good to me" to "must restock pantry now." Instead, he replied, "If you think the movie presented valid points, and if you think it's safer to eat organic, then let's do it."

Gained: a slight reduction of the nasties in our bellies. I know I can't really control what I can eat. (Well I could, but I guess I don't care enough to stop going to most restaurants, double my food budget, etc.) But like asking, I can at least take small steps that may build up to bigger ones. If nothing else, I don't want my dollars to support companies like Monsanto (Here are its site and an anti-site.)
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