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May 29, 2009

Split drinks?

May 29. Day 333.

Split entree? Split appetizer? Split dessert? Pretty standard.

But split a cocktail? Not so sure.

I was at Red Lobster, about to have dinner with my mom and some of her co-workers, when my eye fell on the description of the mango mai tai. Nostalgic for Hawaii, and totally tempted by the mango, I wanted to go for it but... I also didn't want a full drink. Just not in the mood, you know?

My mom noticed the same drink, and the thought crossed my mind: Could we split it?

The waiter, who was very chatty, in a nice way, came to take everyone's orders, and I went for it.

"I'd like a mango mai tai, but would it be possible to split it?" I asked, motioning toward my mother. "We're both driving," I felt obligated to add, for some reason.

He looked a little unsure, but then agreed.

A few minutes later, he showed up with two drinks in lowball glasses, each with a slice of pineapple and cherry. Lovely.

Gained: Half a drink. Exactly what I wanted, that is.
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