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May 09, 2009


May 9. Day 313.


Made it.

Six posts in one night, and all caught up.

Now I can sleep.


Snagged a great seat at the opera for a great price. Win win!!

I got there very early for some reason. (Compensating, I guess, for getting there really late last time? Right.)

The usher let me in and I took my seat.

A moment later, another usher waked over and asked me to leave.

"We're not seating yet," she explained.

"Oh! Sorry! Someone let me in and invited me to sit!"

I gathered my stuff, stood up and started to follow her.

And then I thought about it for a second.

Why shouldn't I be there? They weren't cleaning. Nothing was happening. People were already sitting down all over the place. Did she just decide to enforce the... policy?

I gave logic and reason a whirl.

"Excuse me? It seems that people are scattered all across the hall. Is it your intention to clear everyone out before the show, or is there someone we can ask if I can sit down after all?"

"Oh dear, I'm sorry," she sounded worried. "I should check. Sometimes we get conflicting information."

She came back to say it was, of course, fine to sit. But I had been so ready to just follow, calmly, blindly. Almost like Butterfly herself. Never questioned, just obeyed. Until the harrowing end. (The opera, by the way, really got to me this time. The whole thing was so absurd, so extreme, yet real. Plausible. Disturbing. Gave me goosebumps.)

Anyway, glad I asked.

Gained: 30 minutes in a comfortable chair.

Have you ever stood up to a silly policy? I'd be curious to hear about it!
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