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July 28, 2008

Instant rebate?

July 26. Day 26.

I don't remember where I read that electronics stores sometimes honor mail-in rebates at the cash register. Save the hassle of mailing it, and guarantee the savings. So I asked for such a discount today at Fry's, the filthiest, most disorganized electronics store I've ever set foot in. Wires and appliances lumped together on large tables that people must sort through to find anything since there's never staff around; empty boxes and wrappers of products that are -- what, sold out? left around from last week? part of an "industrial debris chic" look? And miles of checkout stands for Fry's many, many fans.

Mr. A was purchasing a DVD writer that boasted a $20 mail-in rebate. At register 12, I asked if the store could honor the rebate instantly.

And was denied.

That's ok, Fry's. I don't like you, either.

Gained: Zip.

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