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July 14, 2008

Can I return this without a receipt, Target?

July 12: Day 12.

The writing on the wall at Target was black, bold, and all caps: ALL RETURNS AND EXCHANGES REQUIRE A RECEIPT.

From where I was standing in line, I checked out the cashier, who seemed like she was in a bad mood. (An earlier lesson: Asking is easier when the target is receptive.)

Here's what I was hoping to return: a basket, a measly $2.50 made-in-China-especially-for-Target beach basket, whose handle had snapped the second time I used it.

And who knows what I did with the receipt.

My turn came. I plopped the basket on the counter and explained the handle broke ("and, by the way, I didn't keep the receipt").

"Silly to ask for such a tiny refund," I mumbled.

"Every penny counts," she answered, smiled, and credited my card.

Gained: $2.69 (including tax), and more courage to work around policies in the future, even when they're written in all caps bold.
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