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July 09, 2008

What to ask for when you're totally satisfied: Improve the status quo!

July 9. Day 9.

It's 10:31, and I need to post an update. I don't know what to ask for today!!

I think that may be because I'm perfectly satisfied in this moment. I have, before me, a cup of Vanilla Caramel Tea, which I seasoned with four cubes of sugar and a splash of half and half. Sinful, I know. And therefore, délicieux.



And almost (only almost, alas) as good as the caramel tea at Mariage Frères, my Parisian elixir.

What else could I possibly desire?

Ding ding ding! Mariage Frères tea. Hmm. Who's in Paris? Wait, I know exactly who's in Paris, I have a close college friend there, E! But what could I offer in return? Maybe I can send her some oreos and peanut butter, or whatever American concoction she's been craving?

As you can see, I've run across a major impediment to this asking project. Many situations in which I could ask for a discount or better deal involve financial transactions. Not all (see yesterday), but certainly many. Trouble with this is, I'm not working, not negotiating salaries for myself or contracts for my employer. I'm not even buying something every day.

I could negotiate some things on the phone, like my credit card interest rate, but those would run out fast.

So, hmm, drumming my fingers against the table pensively, what can I ask for? Yes, today I will ask for tea.

Here it is. The ask:
So, you may think I'm a junkie, or at least a very profiteering friend, but can I tell you the idea I had today? I have been craving the caramel from mariage freres, and it occurred to me that maybe, next time you come to the states, you could bring some back? I haven't found it in any stores here. Or, if there's anything you were craving from the states (magazines? oreos?) we could exchange some care packages. What do you think?
Gained: TBD

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