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July 20, 2008

Quality wine for el-cheapo price?

July 21. Day 21.

My sister, aka La Sorella, is about to move to Seattle. We have four days left together in the same city, and we're makin' the most of them. Today we opened her very first Roth IRA, using the entire proceeds of an insurance payout from a fender bender. Wise little sis!

Then we headed to Cafe Chloe, a darling corner bistro downtown, where I was delivered to a higher state of bliss upon biting into their pancetta mac and cheese. To complement that, I selected a glass of 2003 St. Emilion, which was $10. A minute later, the waitress returned to inform me they were out of that wine. I said I'd glance over the list again.

Here, I realized, was a chance. I'd read on FMF about an interesting little trick: asking to sub an expensive item for a cheaper one when something sells out. Ensuing thoughts:

1. They're out of my wine, so maybe I could get a slightly more expensive one for the same price. Is it fair to ask for that? Sure, why not?

2. I guess I'll go for the other glass of French wine, for $10.75. Not that it's a very tempting wine, but that seems like a fair upgrade. I don't want to exploit them or anything.

3. But wait! There is one wine I'd like to try, the 2005 Valpolicella. But it's $12.25. The most expensive glass on the list. Isn't that a little brazen? Well, what the hell!

When waitress came back, I smiled and asked, "Would it be possible to get another wine for the same price? I think the Valpolicella is closest thing on the list."

She said she'll check with the manager. Three minutes later I was drinking some very smooth wine, rendered even tastier by this opportunity. To top it off, it was happy hour, so she charged me the discounted price -- of the first wine -- or $8.50. And to top that off, six hours later I'm still thinking about that mac and cheese.

Cheers, Chloe!

(One more note: These days I'm trying to get my footing in the blogosphere. Here's my first interaction with one of the biggies of the establishment: Technorati Profile. Hint: If you click on the little green "Technorati" button, on the left, and make me a fave, I'll get some sort of boost in rankings or visibility, and move up from blog number 4,978,471. Woohoo!)

Gained: $3.75.

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