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July 22, 2008

Talk to me!

July 22. Day 22.

My request, today, is to you, gentle reader. Please, please pretty please... say something. Tell me... Ask me... What have you asked for lately? What are you dying to ask but not sure how? Do you usually get what you want? Do you usually have to ask for it? Any hints, tips, tricks, ideas, rants or raves? Just hit the "comment" link, below.

I've been at this for three weeks, and I'm thinking now is a good time to share a little context.

Before this experiment, I'd say I was a middle of the road asker. I noticed some opportunities, but not as many as I could. Two recent examples: Last year I subscribed to a greeting card company, purchased only because I really needed to give someone a card last minute, and it was too late to mail it, and the one I had chosen was for members only. I've used the membership about 5 times this year. It was up for automatic renewal, but I called and said I wanted to cancel. This was not my intention, but I wanted to see what I could get out of the retention team. Why am I canceling? Too expensive. "Well, I see you're not a frequent user, so here's what I can do. I'll extend your current contract for six more months, free, and then you're eligible to renew next year for $10." That's $5 off. Barely a tank of gas. But, it's 50 percent of the new price. In 30 seconds. Just for calling.

I'm not always on the ball, though. When I subscribed to the New Yorker, I called and explained I received a professional rate coupon. "How much is it for?" the rep asked. "$25." "$25? Ok." As if I were proposing that price. What if I'd said $20 or "What's the best price you can offer me?" What are the perils, ethical and practical, of bluffing? Anyway. Notes to self, for later askings...

Thanks to anyone who's reading and, I add with preemptive optimism, responding.


La Roxy

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