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July 24, 2008

$10 off a caftan and a skirt?

July 24. Day 24.

Thanks Pikko, the very first reader to post a comment!!! Pikko, you hereby get to be a guest blogger for one day. Consider this your platform to write about anything you want. ANYTHING. Just email me, and I'll post it the next day. Kewl?

So today, I finally did it. I asked for my first retail discount since starting this experiment -- and got it!!

My Mama and I made a lunch date -- she called just before noon and I left the book I was reading open on the coffee table -- and we hightailed it for Little Italy.

At For Joseph, I received an early birthday present, a yummy dusty violet cloche dress with button detailing on the neckline. With taxes it came out to $109. On the way out, I was kicking myself. I totally should have asked for a discount.

Well, thank God it's a boutique row. My next chance came two doors down, at Rosamariposa, whose bo-bo dresses and scarves caught my eye from the street. I tried on a gorgeous tea colored caftan. Then, I spotted the skirts. Decisions, decisions...

The sales girl was chatty. Mamita mexicana, papito gringo. Recently traveled to Argentina, just like me. And she had great style.

So I went for it.

"I can't decide between these, so if I get both, could we work some sort of discount?"

"Yeah, I could do that. They're $42 and $32..." Her eyes shot up and to the right. Calculating.

"How's $10 off?"


Gained: $10.

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