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July 25, 2008

Could I buy some time?

July 25. Day 25.

My intention, for whatever that's worth, was to be very productive this week. I had a full to-do list that included such gems as: "write write write," "stop frowning in sunlight" and "buy boston airfare." Most things I ticked off, but by 4 p.m. today, one important item remained: UCSD books.

I needed to get to the UCSD library before the circulation desk closed Friday, since I had some books on hold that would be sent to an offsite storage facility at the end of the week. Otherwise I'd have to go in again to request the books, and return yet another day to finally consult them... I really had to make it before 5.

But. La Sorella is leaving to Seattle tomorrow, and we were spending the day together, and I didn't want to hunt for parking, not on a sunny Friday afternoon that was made for doing anything but hunting for parking.

I called and asked them to hold the books until Monday. So. Much. Easier.

Gained: one hour (which would have been wasted on Friday doing something in a rush) or one day (if you consider I'll have the whole day Monday to evaluate those books and investigate other resources at the library)
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