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July 15, 2008

Stop e-harassing me? And sell me your ridiculously cheap table?

July 15. Day 15.


I made today's request within 30 minutes of waking up. A few months ago I landed on about a dozen marketing lists, some more interesting than others (ranging from zero interest to negative five). So this morning, I excised my least favorite.

"Would you mind removing me from your mailing list? Many thanks." Send.

Short, to the point, and, best of all, no explanations or apologies. Love it!

Gained: 1 second per day (formerly dedicated to hitting delete). In a year, that's 6 whole minutes!

Second ask today:

An hour later, I've just asked for something else!

I saw an awesome little table on Craigslist, antique, $10 -- way underpriced.

I called to see when I could pick it up, and the woman said to come by after 12:15, since someone else was coming at noon "to see it." I agreed. But then, a pang of angst. I needed that table.

It was already 11:45, and the other buyer would be arriving any minute. Would she leave with the table as I rang the doorbell? Or worse, would I get there ten seconds after her, would we both enter the house together and would watch as she made up her mind to -- of course -- buy it since she had called first? Because one thing was clear: no one who spotted a table like that on Craigslist, and drove all the way to L Street, would pass it up.

What to do, what to do?

Pre-Daily Asker La Roxy would have driven to her house as fast as possible, hoping she'd get there before the other buyer. Hoping against hope the other buyer would hit traffic, or would decide not to take it. But hope is not for the asker.

I called her back a few seconds later, from the car. "Can I actually ask you to cancel the other appointment? Would you mind? Becuase I reeeeally want that table. I'm on my way now."

"Oh, sure! No problem."

Click. WOW. That was so easy.

Gained II: Adorable, highly solicited little table. Photo coming soon.

Takeaway: If you want something, ask for it!

Oh, and two asks today!? On fay-ya.
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