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July 16, 2008

Spare some quarters for my parking meter, Mr. Gelato?

July 16. Day 16.

San Diego Reader

Be warned. This is a pseudo-post.

This is not about asking. There was no negotiation. There will be no revelations or takeaways.

This is, I admit, nothing more than an excuse to write about Pappalecco, the divine new gelateria that opened downtown.

I stopped by this morning, after two rounds of gelato this week, to try their coffee, and realized I only had one quarter for the parking meter. 

And I would clearly need more.

So I asked the stubbly signore behind the counter if he could spare some change. He could indeed, so he simply added the $2 in quarters to my total bill.


It was, by the way, the most exquisite cappuccino I may have had west of the the Appaian Way. Or in San Diego, at least. There used to be this place in Cambridge called Paradiso, which shut down and will always hold a special place in my memory... 

Gained: 6 whole airline miles, since my credit card gives me 3 miles for every $1 I spend at Pappalecco. Miam! On tomorrow's to-do list: more gelato. Or coffee. Or both.
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