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July 02, 2008

Could you call that in?

July 2. Day 2.

"Could you call that in?" 

This, I asked the woman at working counter at my grandma's doctor's office, where I was escorting her this morning for a checkup. If she called the prescription in advance, we wouldn't have to wait there together or, more likely, she wouldn't have to wait by herself in the car while I waited in the pharmacy by myself.

I asked after a split second of deliberation. It happened after the appointment, as I was shuffling loose papers, her purse and mine, her walker and my cell phone, and as I was waiting for the check-out nurse to give me a card with the next appointment on it, the thought occurred to me.

I've never asked for this service before, though I'm not sure why.

Maybe it never occurred to me that a doctor's office could be helpful in that way. Usually I wait in line at the pharmacy no matter how sick I am. Or, in the old days, my mom waited for me.

But this was for my grandma, and I'll ask anything for her.

She shouldn't have to wait around at RiteAid, and actually, neither should I. So I asked.

"Of course! What pharmacy?" she answered.

Fifteen minutes later, I pulled up to the pharmacy, picked up the meds, and we headed to lunch.

Gained: 15 minutes.
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