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February 05, 2010

Pull your lip over your head and swallow?

This is just twisted.

Has nothing to do with asking but I have to post it. A guy got sued. For taking pictures on a public street and then selling them.
"Mike Hipple took photos of Dance Steps on Broadway, a public art installation on sidewalks in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The photos earned him $60 and now a lawsuit from sculptor Jack Mackie."
The full story is here.


Does anyone else find this dirty -- in a bad way!?!

Got the scoop via overlawyered.

As for asking... stay tuned. Nothing yet. I have 13.5 hours to go before the day is over. Maybe I'll ask that fool to lay off Hipple. Want to join me?

From the sculptor's website, here's his cell (206.550.1493) and email (
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