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February 01, 2010

Let me edit your resume, internet denizen?

Every few months, I post a note in the Craigslist "writing services offered" section. It goes something like this:
Looking for a job?

I can edit your resume and cover letter for free.

No strings, no obligation.

Pro resume writers, I'm not trying to put you out of business. But in this difficult economic climate, I've decided to reach out to people who can't afford professional services or who want an extra set of eyes to look over their materials.

You can send me your documents directly or email me first to find out about my experience or request a reference.

That's not the exact text (since I change it a bit every time), but I think you get the idea.

So far, one person has replied: a woman who, I am thrilled to report, found a job about 2 months after I revised her materials!! She was intelligent and capable, but she was totally underselling herself. I don't think she saw herself in her target position until her updated resume reminded her who she was, what she'd accomplished, and what her objectives where. As soon as she got her confidence back, BOOM. Hired.

As they say in Gujarat... DANG!

I posted such a note again today, and I'm curious to see if anyone will reply. I'm a little surprised only one person has responded in more than six months of occasional posts.

I just hope people don't think I'm some sketchy plagiarist or something.


Will you vouch for me if they ask for references? ;)

[image via fadetheory]
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