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February 23, 2010

Can I see your closed museum exhibit?

Because of travel and a very deadline-heavy February, I missed an art exhibit I've been dying to go to: Tara Donovan, at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art.

Here are a few examples of her inventive, geometrically harmonious installations.

She takes household objects (here straws, paper plates and mylar tape), links them up and completely reconfigures them. As interesting they are on the web, I'm sure they're totally mindblowing in person.

Here are two reviews: San Diego Union-Tribune and LA Times.

Last Friday night, I realized the show ends Feb. 28, and I get back to San Diego that night at 11. Last Saturday morning, before taking off for SF, I hoped I could make it to the museum for a 15-minute glimpse. But between packing and getting to the airport with Mr. A, there was no time.

Sacrificing art for a complete suitcase? So the wrong priority. I see it now. Draaaaat!!!!!

I left dejected, and became even more so when I found out her next show is in Indiana.

Wednesday, finding myself still thinking about this, I figured I should at least try to rectify this situation.

I sent an email to the museum's press person, asking if she'd be willing to let me watch the staff dismantle the exhibit and write about the process. I mentioned my credentials, told her how much I love the museum and hit send.

Normally when I ask, I do it as an average Jane. I don't want people to know I'm blogging because it might skew their reactions; also, because if anyone else is inspired to ask -- like you, gentle reader -- I don't want to have the advantage of being able to promise (or threaten) media exposure. Reporters and bloggers wield immense power -- in the form of access to sources and information, among other things ("Hello? White House switchboard? I have a quick question for Barack.") -- but that's because they're bringing that info to the people. While this blog does that, to a smaller extent, I want to be treated like anyone else out there, rather than a member of the media, because it keeps my interactions, and the stories you read here, more authentic.

But this time, I went against my policy of not asking "as a blogger," because I soooo wanted to see this exhibit and because, frankly, I thought she'd be more likely to say yes if I was a journalist/reviewer/scribe type. I hope you'll forgive this rare exception to my otherwise rock solid policy.

It's Thursday now, and, no news. I called to follow up, but no answer.

Fear not: As soon as I hear back I'll let you know -- and hopefully get the chance to report on Donovan.

[images via Clara Lieu, Trixie6, and Duke Visual Studies]
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