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February 17, 2010

Hotel discount?

Next week, I'll be in SF with Mr. A.

He has a conference, and he invited me to tag along. I'll skip the socializing and, instead, work in a different cafe every day. There's one last chapter I have to edit, and that will be the week to crank it out. (I won't be done then, unfortunately. Still have to revise everything with professor feedback, format it and do the front/back matter. But this will be a big leap toward completion.)

For most of our trip, the hotel is paid for by his company. But we're arriving a day early, so I set out Wednesday to find a hotel. It had to be affordable and centrally located.

SF has several nice options. I settled on The Touchstone, which is close to Union Square had acceptable reviews on Tripadvisor. Instead of doing it online, I called to reserve, since I wanted to get a room up high -- and get a discount.

The voice on the other end, male and youngish, said they have rooms, he confirmed the lowest price is $62, and he agreed to give me a room away from the noisy streetside facade.

Next, I asked for a discount.

"Do you think you could knock off 5 or 10 percent? Maybe come down to $58 from $62?"

"I should be able to do that, yeah."

No clue where I got the $58 from.

I also didn't think he'd say yes. Not sure why, but that was my gut feeling.

Glad my gut was clueless.

$4 off isn't close to nothing -- yet it's also worth a coffee or maybe even two. Free breakfast? I'll take that.

[image via Strange Maps. Cool blog!]
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