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February 16, 2010

Missed opportunity

Tuesday morning, Gem suggested we go to a gentle yoga class.

"It's $12," she let me know.

We showed up and discovered the class was actually $14. The studio is under new ownership, and the first thing they did was raise the rates.

I had exactly 12 one-dollar bills on me.

Gem offered to let me use of one her prepaid classes -- purchased at the earlier $12 rate -- and take my cash, and I accepted.

During class, as the instructor was inviting us to get in touch with our heart-centers and open our palms to face the universe, I realized what I'd done wrong. I hadn't asked. I should have told the woman at the counter that I thought it was still $12, that's all the cash I had, and would they please let me stay? That way, Gem didn't use up her lower-rate class, and I got to ask.

Oh well. Tuck this regret away and learn from it. Be more aware, next time around. All is good. I am at peace.


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