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February 11, 2010

The Great Chore Ditching Project

Remember how last week I asked you what's your most detested household chore?

Answers included setting up the iron and folding fitted sheets.

Here's a challenge. Sometime between now and the end of the month, attempt to palm off said task on someone else.

Do it by asking, calling in a favor, bartering, pulling rank, cajoling, bribing, whatever it takes.

If you live alone, it might be harder. Actually, depending on who your housemate is, it might be easier. Maybe you can invite the friend-who-never-says-no for dinner and laundry folding. Maybe you can summon your favorite nephew. What do I know? The one thing you can't do is say you're reading this blog and you're participating in a collective chore-ditching project.

If there's anyone who you think would be interested in playing, forward them this link.

The Great Chore Ditching Project

Are you game?

And if you didn't list your most detested chore last week, do so in the comments below. On Feb. 28 I'll ask how you did, what methods you used, what the results were (extra points if you do it more than once), and we can all kick back and celebrate the collective minutes we saved, and aggravation we were spared!!

Happy foisting,

La Roxy

[image via ffffound]
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