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February 16, 2010

Fitted Sheets: Ditched!

I don't know about you, but I have been excited about excising my least favorite chore. I didn't give much thought how or when. Then, Tuesday night: liftoff!

That morning, I pulled the sheets from the bed and didn't put on a fresh set. Had to run out the door (to yoga, see previous post). That night, I was on the couch watching something on Hulu, when Mr. A said goodnight.

From the bedroom, I heard a groan. (Don't take this the wrong way -- we share chores, but he had pulled an all-nighter and all he wanted to do was sleep. I would do the same thing.)
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"The sheets?" I called from the livingroom. "I started but didn't have time to finish. Can you start putting them on? I'll be there to help with the duvet."


So, gentle reader, how is your Least Favorite Chore Ditching Quest going? I see this idea got very little response. Do you think it's lame? Have I set the bar too low? What, you mean you have ambitions beyond household management?


Still, if you decide to play along, I would love to hear your stories, strategies, results.

Either way, for the next few months I have planned a series of asking challenges. They'll be in a variety of settings and have a variety of goals -- home, work, personal, professional, and having random crazy fun.

I hope you'll join me!!
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