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November 25, 2009

Woman orders chili from Fastburger, changes mind

By Cudgja Pleze
Asker Daily News Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO -- What's worse than ordering chili from Wendy's and finding a finger in it? Ordering chili from Fastburger and finding no finger in it. What's what Issa Bella, 22, a tourist from Boston, discovered late Tuesday night, when she dug into a cup of the gooey stuff from the popular hamburger chain and felt completely underwhelmed.

"That shit was nasty," Bella said. "Wendy's is way better, even with all the fingers floating in it. This was nasty and I couldn't even sue."

An expert in all things chili, Bella said that after the first bite, she simply couldn't keep going. The chili was too greasy and soupy, with nary a bean, she said.

A Fastburger spokesman issued this statement: "Bite me and my beanless chili."

When Bella retched and dropped her spoon dejectedly, that's when La Roxy, her dining companion, intervened.

"I just asked her, 'Why don't you just ask for something else? If you don't like it, you shouldn't be stuck with it.
It's not like they're going to attack you with a cleaver if you try. Worst case, they say no. Just try,' " Roxy said she told her friend.

But Bella, who wasn't used to speaking up in such circumstances, demurred.

"I was scared," she explained. "I never ask for things, and it was hard to get up the courage. I asked La if we could hold off until next time, and La said there wouldn't be a next time and why would I ever order that barfalicious chili again. She had a point."

They practiced a few times until Bella felt comfortable stating her request a pleasant way. Then the two women approached the counter together and Bella asked.

The employee working the counter agreed. As a result of her initiative, Bella received a medium sized soda cup and access to the soda machine. She opted for iced tea, her favorite drink.

"It felt weird to ask. Because I never do that," Bella said. "But I'm glad I did it. Go Redsox!"
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