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November 08, 2009

Will you be my friend?

A while back, if you'll recall, I was on a jury.

It was a case involving

--the sexy version: Fraud! Conspiracy! Grand Theft! Burglary! Counterfeiting! Computer Forensics! and a Fugitive in Utah!

--the spam version: a bunch of scam artists returning merchandise to WalMart using fake receipts.

After the trial (which I wrote about here), it occurred to me that one person there had made an impression: The prosecutor. He seemed smart and witty, and I decided it would be nice to keep in touch. Normally I would have asked for a business card, but I didn't think to do that at the courthouse.

So, a few days later, prepared for the very real possibility that he would decide I was a stalker or worse, a sycophantic trial law fanatic, I decided to ask. For his friendship. Over Facebook.

My query went something like this:

"Is it against the law for a former juror to friend a lawyer post trial on Facebook? If so, please disregard this message."

He replied that it was A-ok.

That is the story of how I befriended a cutthroat district attorney, the kind of person whose path I would never otherwise cross (I hope). Since then, Mr. A and I have had dinner with him, he's hung out with my friends at a wine tasting, I've discovered he is indeed someone I'm happy to have met, and it makes me think how fun and random life can be if you let it.
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