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November 08, 2009

House Salad Dressing Recipe?

This is from a few months back. I'd meant to write it and it slipped my mind. Now I'm sharing, if nothing else, so you can try the recipe for yourself.

One night, late, I was taking a walk with Mr. A when we crossed in front of my favorite Italian restaurant in San Diego. I won't say which, because I'm about to give away one of its secrets: the house salad dressing recipe. This stuff is so good that I sometimes go there and have an elaborate meal just to eat their simple garden salad.

That night, I saw two employees talking and relaxing outside after closing up, and I knew that was my chance.

"Hi. Can I ask you something? About the food here?"

"Sure, what?"

"The salad dressing. It's amazing, and I've tried to make it at home. I sort of got it, but I know I'm missing an ingredient."

"Which dressing?"

"The simple one, on the house salad."

"You mean the vinaigrette? The one with olive oil, balsamic, brown sugar, soy sauce and mayo?"

"Yes! That's it!! It has mayo in it?! That's how it's so creamy! Thank you!!"

"You're welcome."

Result: I still go to that restaurant all the time, only now I make the dressing at home to tide me over between visits.
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