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November 28, 2009


A job saved and an ideal schedule in one fell swoop!

A romantic stroll!

A potential rip off/act of negligence at the auto shop kept in check by requesting accountability! (Even if they didn't break the bolt, at least they know that you're not 'asleep at the wheel' -- and you know they were being honest. Plus, it's completely your prerogative to inquire; what if they had broken it -- if you hadn't asked, and consequently felt compelled to research it online, you might have never known.)

Uncertainty put to rest!

A valiant attempt at a discount!

And salad dressing! (and moral support -- thanks ;) )

= Awesomeness.

I'm already looking forward to next week's dispatches.

And get ready, Monday, to share a problem or challenge if you're so inclined.


La Roxy
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