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November 08, 2009

Out but not down

Dear Readers,

I've been out for a few weeks, but not down...

The truth is that ever since the year of asking daily wrapped up in July, I've been wondering to what extent I should keep up this endeavor.

Part of me thinks it's important to keep on asking and writing about it. But another voice replies that it's perfectly normal to ask, and that I should stop making a big fuss about it.

To complicate things a bit, I've started a part time job, I'm rushing to finish the dissertation, and I've started a new writing project. All those elements have contributed to a pause in blogging about asking.

But not the asking itself.

I'm still doing that, since now I can't imagine life without it.

It's not daily, but rather at the moments when I think it truly matters.

With no promises about the scope or longevity of this blog, I'll now post a few of my recent requests. Once things calm down, I really look forward to writing again regularly.

With affection,

La Roxy
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