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November 19, 2009

Unfortunate asking on the horizon


I just crossed an intersection with a stoplight camera. I entered on green. The person in front of me slowed down, so I did too. Meanwhile, the light turned yellow and red before I made it out of the intersection.

Does anyone know if entering on green means you're safe no matter what?? I've heard that, but not sure if it's true. Guess I'll find out now.

Here are my options if I do get a ticket:

1) Hope it's from a private company, since those tix are worthless.
2) If it's legit, then appeal on various grounds. I'll think of something, or ideas are always welcomed.
3) Ask for clemency.
4) Light a candle to St. Didacus. I don't think he's the patron saint of anything, but in any case it can't hurt.

The last time I got a traffic ticket was in 2005. That turned out to be a complicated mess. I will spare you the details. Rather, I will spare myself the memory.

What about you, gentle reader? What's the most annoying traffic or parking ticket you've ever gotten? Do tell. It won't make me feel better knowing you also got burned, but at least we can whine together.

UPDATE: Wow -- I just looked up St. Didacus and found out he's the patron saint of San Diego. That was a totally random choice! I had no idea!! Maybe he's looking out for me after all. Now, if only I were a believer, in the ecumenical sense, that is...
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