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November 17, 2009

A delicate professional situation

I asked for something delicate at work today.

I don't know the results yet, and I'm not quite comfortable discussing the issue yet, since I know some people from work read this blog, or might in the future.

(Yes, as a semi-anonymous blogger I've done a fine job of revealing my identity to the people who probably shouldn't know it, and keeping my identity an airtight secret from those who probably should. No wonder I failed the foreign service exam. I'd make an disastrous spy.)

Before I write about that, I want to say something else.

I've wondered recently, ever since spending some time in an office setting again, if this blog could backfire. Once my name gets out there, as undoubtedly it will one day, could potential employers feel solidarity with the bosses I've written about and decide not to hire me for that reason? Could they worry that I've started another blabbermouthed venture I'm not telling them about? Of course, I don't think I'm writing anything too touchy or objectionable, but how can I know what a potential employer would think?

So what do you think, readers? Am I screwing myself?

No matter what I'll keep writing this, because I think the topics of women's compensation, negotiation/asking skills and workplace opportunities (which guides this blog's mission above and beyond the fun adventures in asking) are too crucial to fall silent about.

But I can't help but wonder.
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