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March 31, 2009

Please explain my health insurance benefits again?

March 31. Day 274.

You know how it goes. Grad school, responsibilities, blah blah blah. Which means I only got around to editing or writing the last three posts tonight. (I say edit first and then write, because some posts I write the day-of, but I don't hit "publish" until after I've read them over, a day or two later.) What wouldn't I give to do this full time. Write you a tender letter every morning describing what I negotiated the day before. Give you the steamy blow by blow. You dashing reader, you.

But until then, gotta finish that dissertation. Oh yes, and become independently wealthy.

Well. Today I asked for something important -- something I was tempted to overlook. I have a freckle that has been acting a little bit funny, and this morning I decided I want to get it checked out. Since I'm in San Diego, and my doctors are in Boston, I have a maximum of three doctors visits out of town, and for a trip to the dermatologist I worried I'd need a referral, which would put me at four visits, not three.

At least, that's what I thought my insurance company explained to me last spring, when I moved to San Diego and got bronchitis.

Rather than assume I remembered things correctly and wallow, I emailed my insurance company today, inquiring if I am allowed to go without a referral or how exactly "we" (read they) can resolve this situation if I've run out of visits. I'm not coming back to Boston soon, and I think it would be unwise to wait, I explained.

(I almost didn't write this, since I know a lot of my friends read this. Not to mention my parents. Don't worry!! Just a precautionary measure.)

Gained: Waiting for their answer...

Wishing everyone good health!
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