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March 19, 2009

The "yuj" -- $5 off Craigslist or free delivery?

March 19. Day 262.

For a few weeks I've been eyeing a tall and slender cd/dvd tower from Ikea, since it's just perfect for storing some jewelry and keepsakes. Fits between a small dresser and the wall in the bedroom.

It goes for $40 to $50 new, depending on the color, and that's just too much in my book. So once in a while I've checked good old CL, and finally two appeared today -- black and white.

I emailed the owner of the black one asked for $5 off, or free delivery since she lives about 30 minutes away.

She agreed.

Then I emailed the owner of the white one, who lives a few blocks away, and said I'd like to come by and see it.

He agreed.

Gained: Not sure which to go for.
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