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March 09, 2009

Stop spamming me? And give me more work?

March 9. Day 252.

I just got off the phone with Rob Appel. He's a spammer. The theater spammer.

After sending a few emails asking him to unsubscribe me, to no avail, today his message appeared, and I decided to give him a call. Maybe all it took was some personal contact.

He didn't pick up, so I left this message:

Hello. This message is for the person sending emails from the address My name is La Roxy, and I have emailed you multiple times to request that you remove me from your theater email list. You have not done that, so now I am taking the additional step of calling you. Please remove me from your email list. My email is That's L as in leave me alone, A as in abstain, R as restraining, O as in order, X as in exasperating, Y as in yuckie, at gmail dot com. I look forward to not getting your messages again. Thank you. (only I used my actual email, and the acronyms weren't quite that mean.)

You may wonder why I don't just filter his address. That would be easy, and it's my next step. But since I'm exploring different types of requests, I think this is a perfectly valid extension of this experiment: see if a thoughtless parasite, aka spammer, responds better to a telephone inquiry than he does to email. Stay tuned for the riveting results.

Before earlier today, I asked for something that will pay off in a few months. Since my grad school stipend ends soon, until I land a full time job I need something to tide me over. So I emailed the various clients I do freelance work for and offered to pick up some new projects. This is until my exciting new career picks up -- or perhaps in parallel with it.

Gained: one more step toward gainful employment.
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