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March 06, 2009

Can I see your cover letter?

March 6. Day 249.

I stopped by my aunt's house today to pick up some tickets for a performance tonight she can't attend -- a night of Mendelssohn at my favorite cathedral this side of the Atlantic.

As I drove away, a strange rumbling sound came from under the car.

I had a flat tire.

I called Mr. A to check if it's safe to drive, even a few blocks, since there's a gas/service station about half a mile away. He told me to stay put and -- my heart is still fluttering -- he came over from work, just before a 2 p.m. meeting, and changed my tire. Then he took my clunker back to work and gave me his safe car so I could run some errands.

Mersi!!! ;)

When I got home, I began researching tire coupons --> tire sizes --> outlet tire retailers. I called one company and asked point blank if they could make me a great deal, and the man said to call him back since he was with customers. But he seemed willing to negotiate. Good start.

Next, I wondered, "Do I really want to spend $120 on tires for a car I'll dump in no time? What about making a move and buying something?" (Background info: my car has been on the fritz for a few months, and various interventions + luck have kept it going. But unsafely. At this point, it has a big bold DNR sticker on it. An invisible one, but still size 24, Rockwell, bold.)

So I searched for: cars on craigslist of various years, makes models --> cars on other websites --> online promos at san diego dealerships. snorted. what promos? no wonder people aren't buying when $10-off counts as a promo. onward.

Next, I wondered, "Shouldn't I be looking for negotiation tactics and info about how buying a car works, and not just cars?"

So I searched for: car buying tactics --> how to get best deal on a used car --> tips and tricks at the auto dealerships --> car loans at san diego banks --> car budget calculators.

Next, I wondered, "Can I really sign up to buy a car worth a penny more than my savings if I don't have a job come June?"

So I searched for: jobs --> careerbuilder --> craigslist jobs --> san diego jobs --> and so on -->

Which leads me to today's actual question: Can I see your cover letter?

I emailed a few friends and asked if they don't mind sharing their letters.

Who knew a flat tire would jump start my career search?

Gained: TBD
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