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February 19, 2009

Salon discount?

February 19. Day 234.

After yesterday's positive results, I decided to angle for another type of online bargain: I emailed a spa I've heard good things about and asked about their prices (which weren't on the website).

For the services I'm looking for, they were more affordable than anything I've seen in this city. This spa has great reviews online, the pictures look reassuring, the location is convenient, and they use a line of products that I love.

What more could I desire??

A discount. I wrote back:
Do you have any discounts for for first timers? I'm looking for a place to become my regular spot, and I'm looking for the best combo of price and quality.

Thanks again!

Hope to come by!
She replied 15 minutes later that they can give me 15% off for the first time, and they have a special package deal -- not advertised, but good to know about.

The plan: go once, and if I like it, propose to prepay five sessions for a 20% discount.

Gained: For the first appointment, about $7. In the long haul, TBD.
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