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February 08, 2009

Animal Control

February 8. Day 223.

Speaking of animals, I had a fun write-up, coincidentally on a similar topic as yesterday, but I'm not really feeling up to it. Basically, I thought there was a wild animal trapped in the garage since I heard a squealing sound coming from here. I called the animal control emergency hot line for help and the woman who I probably woke up told me to open the door myself. I asked if I should be worried about rabies or whatever, and she breezily said no. I did, nothing was there. It was just a tortured bird, flying around my house and squawking.

I asked my grandmother for advice tonight, and she echoed what Anonymous wrote, below. Compromise -- that's what negotiation is about, no? However, I have decided to take down the rest of this post, which was about the developing pet saga. I just don't want this blog to become a venue for dishing about my personal life. That has nothing to do with the purpose of this project.

Onward! To discussions about finances, careers, experiences, and other negotiable, obtainable and askable benefits...
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