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February 24, 2009

Free lunch? And... ETA on PHD?

February 24. Day 239.

I ran into a doc and found out that a one-time sleep stroll is nothing to worry about. It happens when you're really tired or have a lot on your mind. Like a dissertation.

Speaking of... I wrote a long-overdue email today to my advisor.

In this message, I gave her a status update (working on the last three chapters, all going well) and then I asked her two key questions. First, is it at all realistic for me to graduate in the spring if I buckle down and work 24/7, or should I shoot for the fall? And second, what are her thoughts about my career options in academia?

Gained: Hopefully, the advice of someone whose opinion I really trust, and an ETA on my PhD.

Second, I went to Jack in the Box and asked for two free tacos. I didn't have the coupon printout for this national promotion, so I showed them the coupon on my my cell phone screen and the manager okayed it.

Gained: Free lunch!! (Value: $1.)
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