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February 01, 2009

Two out of three

February 1. Day 216.

Today I asked three times, got two yesses and a no. Here we go...

Pancake Quest

It was La Divina's last day in town and she really wanted pancakes with fresh fruit on top, so I tried my best to make it happen. The only difficulty was that it was 2:30 when she got this craving, and brunch was over.

On our way to Coronado, where we were headed since she hadn't seen it yet, I made a few calls to some diners and cafes I knew serve good breakfast food, asking about their brunch menu. No one was still making pancakes. Case closed.

(I could have made them myself -- I regularly do -- but the idea was to explore San Diego as much as possible! Onward...)

Chorizo Quest

Instead, we ended up at the legendary Hotel Del Coronado, which has a really quaint beach side bar and tasty munchies. I ordered nachos with no beans, and instead they brought them with no beans -- and no chorizo. I asked the waiter if we could get some chorizo, and he replaced the entire portion.

Meanwhile, everyone was gathered around the TV and cheering, and I was wondering what was going on. I eventually noticed a headline on my cell phone. The Superbowl!? Today!? Totally missed it.

Pancakes: Found!

On our way to Denny's, which is an American institution if ever there was one, Mr. A got an idea: what about that 24 hour diner in Coronado that makes these scrumptious breakfast plates? Didn't they have them? Or in the worst case, a bacon double cheeseburger?

We zoomed over, we found exactly what we were looking for, and she ordered her last pancakes on U.S. soil. With strawberries.

Last but not least

I forgot the third thing I asked for... if I remember, I'll add it on later...

Gained: Bean free nachos. Doesn't seem like much. (Unless you're me.)
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