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February 05, 2009

Free dessert? Or rather: Free. Dessert.

February 5. Day 220.

I just got back from Denny's, where Mr. A and I waited an hour for some nachos and a hot skillet plate. We went out to eat especially because we wanted it to be quick. Neither of us had time or desire to chop onions or do dishes. I was planning on making some baby octopus in red wine, but I got lost in work and by the time he got home I hadn't started.

And we were hungry.

Instead of an efficient and satisfying meal, we spent almost 2 hours there, most of it waiting.

Before the food came, about an hour after we ordered, I asked the manager for a dessert on the house. I would have asked the waiter, but he was MIA. There was no hesitation or internal dialogue here. If Mr. A didn't love them sizzlin' skillets, I'd have high-tailed it ages ago. I think it was more of a monotone, because by then I was trying to curb my seething impatience (which I have now funneled into this post and the accompanying illustration).

"Any chance we could get a free dessert after waiting so long."

"That's fine. What would you like?"

"Do you have apple pie."

"Yes. I'll let your server know."

Apparently she didn't let him know, because he brought us the bill a minute after he brought the food (Now you're being efficient? The moment I shove a nacho in my mouth?), so I asked him directly.

Gained: One big slice of apple pie. Menu Price: $3 or so. Actual price for my wasted hour. $150. What I've decided I'm worth, especially when I'm feeling disrespekted.

On the other hand, it was time spent with Mr. A, between our busy workdays and a long night of more work planned for both of us. So it also was a blessing in disguise. Even if it was at a filthy Denny's, under fluorescent lights, with four squawking children two booths away. Even if our food was an hour late. Even if they tried to skip our free dessert. Even if we did leave a decent tip, despite everything, because maybe, maybe it wasn't the waiter's fault. Even if the bathrooms were eww. We talked about Google Latitude and something I asked on Craigslist, which you'll read about next Tuesday... and we shared a slice of pie. That was nice.

So, have you ever asked for anything free from a restaurant, o ravenous reader? What was your most juicy, succulent experience with that?
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