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February 09, 2009

Divulge private info over the phone?

February 9. Day 224.

After further deliberations with Mr. A, seeking my grandmother's advice and reading comments from those wiser pet-owners out there, I'm letting the cat dream go. No hard feelings, no regrets. I've been thinking about this for a few years, but lightly, not as an actual plan; a few more years won't make a difference. It's just not the right moment, and I'm not in the right place. Thanks to all of you who weighed in -- from encouraging comments from Cathy, crusoeinengland and mi tia, to the counsel of Nita and IGC that an outside-only cat isn't feasible, to MP, who told me in all frankness that I "missed the boat" with this half-baked idea. I valued your perspectives.

Who knew a blog about negotiation and assertiveness would end up helping decide me not to get a pet!?

Today, from my mother's house, I called my credit card company and pleaded for one crucial piece of info: my card's expiration date. The card itself was sitting on my desk at home, and I was about to click "purchase" on a plane ticket on my mom's computer, 10 miles away.

I had the card number on a statement and I know the secret code, but I forgot the expiration date. And I needed it, stat, since I was about to book a ticket and I wanted to use that card (it gives me miles).

I called the company and explained the situation, and then I asked the rep to confirm the expiration date.

"Is it 3/12?" I began.

"No, I'm afraid it's not."

"Could you just tell me what it is?"

"There's no way I could do that."

"I see. No, I appreciate that. How about I try one more. What about, 3/11? Is that even close?"

"It's not right, and I can't say anything else."

"That's okay. I'm glad you can't give it out. It's good to know you're so secure. Thanks anyway."

I ended up using my debit card, because we were about to eat dinner together and I wanted to lock in a great fare. A last-minute fare to... Greece.

That's right. I found the fare today, after weeks of looking for cheap tickets and finding nothing. I may need a car, I may be a measly grad student on a measly stipend... but I work part time, I have something set aside in an IRA, the hotel is paid for, and I figure I got the rest of my life to plan ahead. If I can't hop to Athens now to meet my boyfriend for a week, when can I??

I'm leaving Wednesday.

Filia (that's xoxo in Greek),

La Roxy

Gained: No identity info, but that's a good thing, on second thought.

Continuing this recent trend of asking a question at the end of every post... have you been to Greece? did you love it? any favorite islands or suggestions?
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