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February 23, 2009

Diagnose me!!! And... asked for someone to get his act together

February 23. Day 238.

I just woke up, and Mr. A gave me this news before he rushed out the door to work:

I was sleepwalking.

Last night I got out of bed, walked to the computer in the dining room with my eyes open and said:

"No, I'll do the literary comparisons." With an heavy emphasis on the I. Not you, I, will.

Then, looking a bit confused, I turned around and went back to sleep. I mean bed.


I don't remember a thing.

I've never sleepwalked before (to my knowledge).

I had a dream last night about something totally different. Nothing literary. Nothing comparative. Nothing ambulatory.

I know, I know, this has nothing to do with asking. But I think we can interrupt the regular flow of posts to document the first step in my fall to delirium. I looked online, and I can rule out most causes (drugs and medications, alcohol, head injury, migraines, sleep deprivation and puberty). Which leaves: nervous system disorders, brain swelling, and seizures. Oh, and stress.

What does this mean? Any doctors reading this? Should I be worried? Is this normal? Am I secretly writing my dissertation in my sleep?

Actual asking coming up next... Until then... Happy Monday.


I'm rarely in a position to ask people to do something for me because I've paid them to do it. Let's be frank. I'm rarely a client. I mean, at most I buy something in a cafe or store, receive my goods and then leave the counter. Finito.

In fact, when I'm waiting for paid services to be rendered, I tend to treat people like they're doing me a favor. I can't quite fathom that they're supposed to do that service. (A few years ago I hired a lawyer for something, and it was totally shocking that he called me back, was nice and reliable, sent me a holiday card. Eventually it sank in that at $300 an hour, he damn well better sound interested when I call with a question or concern. But it was an adjustment I had to make from being grateful for his time to feeling like I earned it.)

Well, I've been waiting for a few weeks for a contractor to come by the house and fix a few things (outlets don't work in two rooms, etc etc). We've played phone tag and I've always been oh-so sweet. He's busy. He's confused. He didn't communicate with his employees.

Time to snap out of it, Roxy. You've been waiting for this guy to fix your outlets for almost a month. You're paying rent. It's not a friendly favor. It's his job. Which he's sucking at.

So I called and left a message saying just that:

"It's La Roxy, from 4444 Exasperation Lane [I used my real address]. I'm calling because it's been several weeks since we've been in touch about the problems we went over, and after last week's missed appointments, I am getting tired of waiting around. I am not angry or annoyed. I understand you're busy. But I am simply exhausted by all this back and forth and I'd really like my house to be functional. Please be professional enough to return my call and tell me exactly when someone someone will show up -- and make sure someone shows up. Thank you."

Gained: Still waiting... We'll see if this approach works...
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