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January 18, 2009

Voter's discount?

January 18. Day 202.

I'm soooo late with the updates. I'm sure, gentle reader, you have been waiting the edge of your seat to find out... What's next? What did she ask for? A medium frozen yogurt for the price of a small? A folk dance lesson from an Asturian veterinarian? Or perhaps an Austrian vegetarian?

Not today, but thanks for the suggestions.

I asked for a hotel discount!

From San Francisco, we headed down the coast on Highway 1, where we planned on sleeping in Monterey and driving to San Diego the next day on one of the most beautiful stretches of paved road on the planet.

I decided to call a few hotels in Monterey to check rates and make a reservation. The second place I called, The Monterey Hotel, quoted $113 for a room with two queen beds.

I was about to give her my card number, but I thought to glance online to see what the prices were there.

Online, the rack rate was $189. The internet rate was $94.50. And the "I Voted Special" rate was $89. A note stated you must present your "I voted" sticker as proof.

"Oh my gosh! A special rate for voting? That's so cool! Do you actually need the physical sticker?"

"Yes, I'm sorry."

"Man!!! I totally voted! I wish I had it with me! We're driving from San Francisco and this was totally a surprise stop! I have my stub, but it's on a shelf at my house in San Diego!! I'm saving that stub forever. Do you really need the sticker?"

(My tone, I promise, wasn't outraged. I was not actually maneuvering to get a lower rate. Just frankly disappointed, kicking myself for not having the "I Voted" sticker in my wallet, especially because I was as excited as everyone else about this epic inauguration.)

She laughed.

"You sound honest..."

"Ohmigod! I am! I swear I voted!"

"Fine. I'll give you that rate."

Gained: $25.
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