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January 25, 2009

Can I try on your head?

January 25. Day 209.

And so it came to pass that our ribald trio ended up in the land of Hollywood.

They took pictures of the Hollywood sign and had a very hung over breakfast at 101 Coffee. They miraculously found parking on a side street and walked into all the glitzy/trashy souvenir shops on Hollywood Blvd, where they bought 2 overpriced AAA batteries. And they made their way to the Chinese Theater, where they inspected the new and ancient writings in the cement and photographed smiling mascots.

Things were exactly as they should be.

On the way back to the car, where they would commense their long trek homeward, our plucky narrator spotted him: A man getting out of his car, wearing a big blue outfit. A mascot in the making.

"Let's go!" she commandeered.

They ran up to his car and said hello. Aaron, as was his name, was about to become Stitch. In a minute, he would put on the big blue head head and venture to the Chinese Theater, to compete with Superman and Wonder Woman for photos and tips. For the first time, ever.

"Do you need help zipping up?" La Roxy asked.

"Oh, that would be great."

"I can't believe I'm participating in this momentous occasion! Your first day as a mascot!" she said as she pulled the zipper up to his neck.

He laughed.

"Are you an actor? Or how do you end up a mascot? What kind of background do you need to have to do this line of work?"

"No, sports. I want to become a pro mascot, so this is the way in. I'm not getting paid, actually. It's just for, you know, tips."

"Wow. So, could anyone just show up in a costume? I mean, could I put on a Cat Woman outfit and show up? Or would the other Cat Woman beat me up, like, 'This is my territory!' "

"It's not like that. I don't think so. You just show up. That's what I'm doing."

Fortunately, there were no other Stitches hanging around -- and he'd definitely be a hit with the kids. Good thinking, Aaron!!

Then he reached into his car and extracted the head.

"Oh my god, can I possibly try that on?" La Roxy exclaimed.

"Uh, sure."

"Are you sure it's okay?"

"Yeah, go ahead."

It was big and wobbly. Hard to see through. Hot. She quickly took it off and thanked him. He put on the entire outfit, and such was his charisma that La Roxy suddenly got the impulse to give Stitch a hug...

Thanks! Good luck on your future career. May you get lots of photos, lots of kiddie hugs, lots of tips, and land your dream job!

Gained: 10 seconds of mascot-hood. And a big blue hug.

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