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January 19, 2009

Is that... Elvis?

January 19. Day 203.

"What's that?" La Divina asked Mr. A, in the middle of dinner. We were at Palms, a Thai place in Hollywood we randomly found our drive south.

They were facing me at the table, and suddenly they both started staring at something behind me, trying to get a better look.

"Is it... Elvis? I can't really tell. It looks like Elvis!" he answered.

I turned my head, and standing behind me was a statue of the King himself.

Statue of Elvis, in Hollywood. Fine.

Statue of Elvis in a Thai restaurant in Hollywood? Double take.

Did the place have a karaoke night? An impersonator? A variety show? In the midst of our speculations, the waitress walked by and I halted her.

"Why do you have a statue of Elvis?"

"Wednesday through Sunday night, 9 p.m."

Gained: An answer. Sort of. Google informs me they have a Thai Elvis impersonator, pictured above. Sorry I missed it! I think...

We ended up in Hollywood after a drive down the coast, and I realize now that allotting day to go from Monterey to San Diego was much too short. I would have needed at least three. I wanted to see so many places in between, stop at a few vineyards and check out Santa Barbara, which I've never seen before and heard is great, see a friend or two in LA, and creep back to SD nice and slowly.

But, good news: La Divina just postponed her departure by a week, so we'll have time to do it all!
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