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January 28, 2009

Asked for [bleeeeeeeeep]

January 28. Day 212.

Today, I buckled down and asked for something from someone I know personally, and I'm not going to broadcast the details here. Since this project is dubbed the Daily Asker, and not the Daily Blogger, let's leave it at that, k?

I have an update, though.

A few days ago, I asked my department to help fund my voyage back to Boston. The answer was no. Here is the email I received:
Regarding your question of fund for travels back to Cambridge to meet with your advisors, unfortunately the department will not be able to fund these travels. The funds we have are specifically for attending conferences or the MLA.

Thanks anyway! In any case, my dept has always been generous -- funding my final year of study, granting two years of fellowships to start out, plus so many resources offered to students as they try to investigate the most obscure and fascinating topics... So I give it a big thumbs up, with or without that extra boost.

Gained: Nothing extra.
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