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January 26, 2009

Substitute pricer item for cheaper one that's out of stock?

January 26. Day 210.

Back to San Diego. Back to real life.

Back to... IKEA.

Since we moved on Jan 9, I haven't time to do much around the house. We've unpacked 90 percent, but there are the little details that still need to come together. Duvet. Yada yada.

Last week I picked up a sheet at IKEA, only discovered it was flat, rather than fitted. I wanted to put it over the boxspring, so it looks all cute and cottony, rather than plastic and mattressy.

Today I went back to exchange it, only they didn't have it in queen. I picked up a queen fitted sheet that was from a more expensive line -- $10 more -- and brought it down to the exchange booth.

"I wanted to buy the Lebik fitted sheet, but I didn't see any. Do you have any in stock?"

(Product name invented. I always get them confused, anyway.)

"Lemme see.... no, looks like what we have is out there."

"Well, do you think I could get this sheet for that price?"

"I don't think so..."

"Basically, just do an even exchange, since you're out of stock?"

"I can't."

Gained: Inget. (That's "nothing" in Swedish.)
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