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November 08, 2008

The violinist replies

November 8. Day 131.

Haven't asked yet. More on that later. But first, an update:

The violinist I wrote about yesterday wrote back! His name is John, and after googling him I discovered he was the musical director of the cafe's gigs, and quite the opposite of the indigent invalid and/or washed up dilettante I romantically imagined he could be.

He returned the favor, offering these speculations about me:
Now if I may, let me make some assumptions regarding those who would blog in this manner! They might be cowardly because they choose to remain anonymous and obviously fear confrontation of any kind. Perhaps they are full of themselves, with the words ”some dissertation work“ in the first sentence and “dissertate" in the last sentence of their blog. One could imagine writers such as these were abused as children, and are now egomaniacs with inferiority complexes, full on narcissists even, although I’m not a psychologist.
Moi? A pretentious narcissist? J'adore!

Wake up call, Roxy. It's one thing to be bold and learn to speak up or negotiate; another to take jabs at strangers from behind a curtain of the Internet. So, I owe him an apology. A new guideline will be: treat every word I write as something the subject and his/her family (or lawyer) might read. Aiming not for censorship, but consideration. Not inhibition, but integrity. Reporters do that. I don't think bloggers, anonymous or otherwise, should be held to a different standard. That was always my intention; how could I have gotten so careless?! Yikes.

As for anonymity, I don't particularly care if people know who I am offline, once I've asked. But I'm keeping my name under the radar because I'd like to make my requests as a regular person for this experiment -- the same way I'll be doing once this project ends next July, or just as any of my readers might be doing already -- without the potential clout or liability of "being a blogger." Basically, publishing my first name alone makes this whole shabang possible.

If the invitation to go for a latte at Twiggs still stands, John, I'd love to!

La Roxy

For today's asking, please stay tuned. I have an idea, for once not centered around food or coffee, but we'll see if it works out...

UPDATE: My plans were thwarted by a very long nap I took. I ended up asking for something just for the sake of asking: a ride. From my aunt. Of course she said yes.

Must shake things up on Sunday.

GAINED: A ride offer; a reply.
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